giovedì 8 marzo 2012


ok, I have to do a lot of work and I draw draw draw draw so I don't have time to updat.. no, I'm just too lazy to update this blog and my internet connection is slow. when I've got one.
so I think I'll put here my last drawing and my last sketch, tell you to add me on facebook ( to see every shit I make and go back to work. maybe one day I'll remake this blog's graphic and try to upload it seriously.

Sketches from model:

Sketches from A. Hepburn after watching Love in the Afternoon:

Complete work for school. we had photoshop lessons!
Inserisci link

I made so much things I sould make a post longer than your height. anyway, my galleries on facebook are public (link above) and there's my Deviantart account linked on the blog. the new sketches are only on FB though.

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