domenica 12 luglio 2009


I feel sad .-. what a boring life

pencil and a bit of photoshop because the shadow behind her had a strange shape o.O

mercoledì 8 luglio 2009


I'm not really inspired this time .-. Now that school exams are over I should paint and draw a lot instead of playing The Sims (2 ;__;) all the day.

I made just a quick ink+watercolors painting. The anatomy is totally out of proportion XD Maybe I'll make something more accurate from this sketch.

domenica 5 luglio 2009

New sketchblog!

It seems a lot of people are making their own sketchblog! I thought it would be nice to have one since I think sketches are often the most expressive part of a drawing :D
I'll make an appropriate layout as soon as I learn how to modify the html code here on Blogger without being kicked out of the page =__=

Let's start with a pencil sketch made on june 17 (I think..) just for fun. Don't ask me what she's doing.

(click to enlarge)