giovedì 29 settembre 2011

purple money and guitars

My bf asked me to paint on his guitar pickguard, so here is how it came out! painted with acrylics.

How it should have been (COUGH.):

Plus, I made another commission for (based on her character) using illustrator + photoshop. I must admit I'm proud of it, though I wasn't happy at all with it at the beginning.


lunedì 22 agosto 2011

misc stuff

I opened commissions on Deviantart and here are the finished works i made. all inspired by the owner's character/s except the last one, which is a reproduction of a pic about Sayuri (memoirs of a geisha)

photoshop + artrage.

These are 2 of my entries for an italian contest (il battello a vapore). this year the theme was "the wizard of oz"


A little Stitch dressed like the Beast, out of a conversation with a friend. artrage + light/shadow addings with photoshop:

Ariel sketches made with artrage (first one) and Bamboo dock Doodler
illos made for learning how to use Artrage (which is GOD, it simulates traditional medias like no program made before)

lunedì 27 giugno 2011

Scarpetta d'Oro

Scarpetta d'oro is an international contest about children's illustration, organized by the Riviera del Brenta, an Italian centre known for its footwear.
I had to make this illos both for the competition and school.watercolors, acrylics, coloured pencils.

and this is a palette challenge made with some friends


venerdì 13 maggio 2011

trivial post

Uh wow, Blogger is finally on. So, let's start!
Here is a print made for school by carving Linoleum. I adore this tecnique! I was a bit scared before trying but I enjoyed it so much. :D I've always been fascinated by print process!

This one is a digital piece made for the project Haiku 4 Happiness, born to help Japan after the disasters. media: acrylic + collage + photoshop. mainly photoshop, 'cause I changed my mind after seeing how much I CAN'T make collages.

and this is a school work. we were free to use acrylics to make something original, so I put together the 2 things I've been into since the start of school: birds and music. The notes belong to Stairway to Heaven <3

sabato 19 marzo 2011

Bamboo Europe contest

There's an italian contest that could help me get a wacom Bamboo, so I decided to try making something :D my intuos is getting old, I don't want it to overwork.

Here is what I submitted. let's hope.

Illustrator + a lot of Photosop

I'm doing a lot of drawings about red pandas for school, so, since I'm really into them I decided to make something concerning both what firefoxes eat and the brand name, Bamboo!

uh and there's another design I made for zazzle, the SUN!

Illustrator + photoshop

sabato 5 marzo 2011

new illustration + zazzle products!

I have to improve using Illustrator, so I decided to do 3 illustrations which I'll post on Zazzle too!
here is the first one (better res on my Deviantart account)

and here is an example of Zazzle product!

domenica 27 febbraio 2011

Zazzle account! + school stuff

I did it. I opened a new account on Zazzle! you can buy stuff with my designs on it :D mooooore to come, soon!

Look for a personalized gift at Zazzle.

There's a new drawing too, something I made for school. She's the girl from "Pictor's Metamorphosis" by H. Hesse. made with watercolors, acrylics and coloured pencils!

martedì 11 gennaio 2011

Dejà vu

when fairies tell you what will happen :D
photoshop! made for Illustration Friday's weekly theme.