venerdì 13 maggio 2011

trivial post

Uh wow, Blogger is finally on. So, let's start!
Here is a print made for school by carving Linoleum. I adore this tecnique! I was a bit scared before trying but I enjoyed it so much. :D I've always been fascinated by print process!

This one is a digital piece made for the project Haiku 4 Happiness, born to help Japan after the disasters. media: acrylic + collage + photoshop. mainly photoshop, 'cause I changed my mind after seeing how much I CAN'T make collages.

and this is a school work. we were free to use acrylics to make something original, so I put together the 2 things I've been into since the start of school: birds and music. The notes belong to Stairway to Heaven <3

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