venerdì 12 novembre 2010


ok I think I should really go on with this blog. I'll force myself to draw a lot like I used to do some months ago and to PUT THERE what I draw. Both sketches and finished pieces. I think this is going to be a looong post.
Let's start from the last thing I made. I should call it "sketch" because it's something related to an illustration that'll be done for school within 6 weeks.

Watercolors + coloured watersoluble pencils, inspired by "Pictor's metamorphoses" (by H. Hesse)

This one is a bit older but not too much. I made it on october 8. It nearly killed me and yet I'm not completely satisfied with it x___x dunno what's wrong, maybe too much blue and not enough stuff and details.

"L'aurore", the sleeping beauty. photoshop!

here is the sketch I made while I was on the train to Rome:


....ok I lied, this will be a short post because I should upload something like 13 more drawings XD
you can see them on the left or by going to my DA gallery!

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